Piano sale on consignment

You want to sell your piano with a professionnal support.

We will do a detailed estimate of your piano and agree with you on a price tag depending on the:

  • Brand of the piano,
  • Age of the piano
  • Condition of the piano,
  • Maintenance records of the piano,
  • La réalité du marché du piano d'occasion.
We have designed 2 formulas, so we can sell your piano and waranty it to the buyer :
  • We take your piano and expose your piano for sale in our workshop.
  • Your keep your piano, we look for potential buyers, and organize meetings with your approval.

If your piano has no longer the necessary musical qualities to qualify as an instrument, but does have a fine cabinet, we can publish a web page which could be seen by people looking for a decoration.

Piano Gebelin

Steinway O second hand for sale in the Annecy area, France, near Geneva

Piano Young Chang 121