Piano rental

We rent upright pianos or a grand pianos :

  • For an evening, for a week, for a month, for a year...
  • For practice, for a musical event, for an audition, a concert, a recital, a gala, a wedding, an anniversary

We can provide the instrument that would suit your needs :

Rent a piano to practice at home :

Tuned to the concert pitch of A 442Hz, enjoy a piano in perfect condition.

Making friends with the freshly delivered piano!

Renting for a musical event :

We ambition to provide to the pianist an instrument which in its "black tuxedo" will be a white page on which he will paint "clairs-obscurs", sculpt his sounds.

Wedding diner party : grand piano for the concert

Our pianos are transported with care and touch, under a thick piano cover, so to be protected as much as possible from knocks and climat changes.Up right or grand piano.
Our pianos are carefully prepared in the workshop.