Piano Regulation

Piano regulation is the answer to :

  • uneven touch,
  • difficult to play instrument,
  • poor sounding piano.

A well (regulated) tuned up action, will be precise and responsive, it will reproduce the fine nuances. It will bring joy and satisfaction to the player.
An amateur pianist will be impressed by the way the piano responds and sounds after the regulation, compare to what it was before ... A talented pianist will be delighted by the way the instrument responds ...

Leveling the keys on a grand piano

The keyboard and the piano action are the extension of the player's fingers. These mechanical articulations are the links to his musical expression

Piano regulation is part of the regular maintenance of a piano. Don't give in to frustration! We can fix it,
Upon inspection of your instrument we will expose to you the regulation steps and their cost..

Ajusting the hight of the whippen on a grand piano

Your kids have been complaining some notes didn't work properly, and it' sgetting harder for you to convince them to do their daily practice...
You have noticed your piano response is not what it used to be :

  • some keys get stuck,
  • some keys are very slow,
  • the keyboard is "wavy",
  • the touch is uneven,
  • quick repetition of notes is impossible,
  • the pedals don't work properly, or are very noisy, or both...
  • the sound of your instrument is harch and aggressive
  • some notes are just mute
  • some notes keep on vibrating when they should be muted
  • the piano goes out of tune, fast and furious

It needs to be regulated by a piano technician.