Piano rebuilding - Piano reconditioning

A piano serves the art of music. A piano is a work of art, a very complex machine with thousands of moving parts, a framework and soundboard supporting tremendous string tension, it is also a fine cabinetry.

With age, leather and felt compact, affecting the regulation of the parts. The action becomes uneven and less responsive, the piano's tone loses dynamic range, strings brake. Decades of exposure to seasonal changes weaken the wood of the soudboard, bridges and pinblock, causing pins to loosen, poor tuning stability and loss of tone. When the use and tear is so that regulation adjustments reach their limit, providing your piano is worth it, rebuidlding or reconditioning your piano may be necessary.

Setting new captans and new checks on a grand piano keyboard



Stringing a grand piano with a stringing crank


Stringing a grand piano Bechstein: hammering the tunning pin into the pin bolock