Piano estimates

You own a piano and and would like to know its value:

You would like to have professionnal advice about the condition your piano is in before to putting it up for sale or donating.

You are considering buying a second hand piano but think it might be wise to ask a piano technician's advice before investing in this piano and its delivery.

Upon inspection of your piano, we will write an estimate, based on :

  • the type of piano
  • the brand
  • its overall condition
  • its age
  • the market

Should you want to sell your piano, and not want to look for buyers yourself we could do it for you.

The only way for us to estimate a piano requires we see it and play it. We are located in the french Alps and do not indulge in fortune telling. Please, consider this geographic consideration before sending us an e-mail.

Unfortunatly we are not fortune tellers, to give you an apprisal of your piano, we have to see it and play it

Your instrument has been damaged and you want professionnal advice for insurance purposes or in the event of litigation.
Your insurance contractor is asking you for details about your piano in order to include it in the policy.